The Red Banjo

                The Red Banjo Pizza Parlour is currently the longest running family owned business in Park City, Utah.  Established in 1962 by founder Mary Lou Toly, she never believed that she would own the oldest existing business in one of the top ski cities in the world.  Nor, did she ever believe that three generations later she would have grandchildren to carry the family torch.

                Mary Lou has successfully run the company for 49 years with the helpful assistance and general management of her son Scott Toly, who to this day (when not competitively winning a ski or bike race) can occasionally be seen tossing pizza in the kitchen.

                These days, the Red Banjo still specializes in hand tossed traditional mountain pizza, as well as a fine selection of sub sandwiches, an appetizing array of salads, and pasta to boot.  Everything is made with the freshest ingredients, I am sure every restaurant will say the same, but in this case it is true (don’t believe me come see for yourself).

                On August 5, 2007, Mary Lou decided it was time to call it quits, but she was unwilling to let the restaurant go.  She phoned her granddaughter Tana Toly and requested she carry on the family business.  Tana had graduated from college and left the state to pursue a career elsewhere.  The decision was difficult, but with much thought decided that she could not let the oldest business in Park city disappear into the snowy dark.  She packed her bags, gave up her career, and returned to Park City to carry the family flame.

                “There is a learning curve, but I have been making pizza and waiting tables here since I was 6 years old” Tana says, “I know the family recipes, I think I’m ready, and I am certainly qualified.”

                Mary Lou contributed 47 good years to the Red banjo Pizza Parlour, and with any luck, Tana and her new husband can contribute another 47 years serving the finest pizza, pasta, subs, and salads in Park City.